I’ve done hair for the better part of 23 years. I took an 8 year break from hair to become a nurse. I realized that being with customers, getting to be a small part of their milestones and getting to be integrated into people’s lives was something that I didn’t want to live without.

May 14, 2013 my life tragically changed forever more.  My husband and father to our seven children died unexpectedly.  I was left a widow and a single mother; two things that I never thought I would have to say to describe myself. At the time, I worked for a corporation that required bodies to be in their salon regardless of whatever circumstances would arise. I found out quickly that having small children, and all seven children still at home, that I was virtually unemployable. My lte husband was a small business owner and tried vigilantly to get me agree to open a men’s salon in Fond du lac. I was scared, and didn’t think that I was the kind of person that did those things. Moments before John passed, he made me promise to make sure our children and I live, REALLY LIVE our lives. He didn’t want one moment lost on dreams not pursued or regrets that could have been avoided.

KKrug was born as a pursuit of a dream for a promise that I made to the love of my life.

There have been ups and downs in the building up of KKrug, but I can proudly say that we have not held back. We are a unique full service men’s salon that prides ourselves on allowing every employee and customer the platform to reach their full potentials.

I am proud that the ladies that I work alongside are some of the most talented artists that offer a comfortable environment for our guys to be guys. These spectacular ladies ARE KKrug.

When I’m not in the salon, you can find me cheering on the side of a wrestling mat, or hanging out with my adult kids, or shopping with my girls. Sunday night dinners are a MUST at the Krug house.

Outside of doing hair and momming, my passion is to travel. It is my goal to get my children to as many states as I can. I have traveled to 49 of our 50 states. (Hawaii I’ll get there someday).

I teach yoga and aerial yoga at the YMCA in Fond du ­­lac. I love doing pop up classes during the summer in the parks and am adding “dog yoga” to my 2020 practices.

I would like to thank our loyal customers who help us be everything we have become. anyone new who is looking for their fit. You fit here!

About the Owner

-Keriann Krug-